Discover the  Product & Development team

Artificial intelligence helping recruitment processes !

Deeply focused on innovation, the Development and Product teams develop our matching and deferred video solutions using powerful technologies such as Deep Learning (Natural Language Processing (NPL)).
Examples of jobs: Data engineer, Development engineer, Product Owner, Linguist…

A variety of subjects… and therefore jobs!

Technology evolves quickly and the Cleverconnect Group wants to remain at the forefront of innovation!
The opportunities are therefore numerous. New jobs are emerging and we offer our teams the opportunity to train and upgrade their skills to stay at the cutting edge of technology!

Meet CleverConnect Technical team

Testimonials from our employees


UI Designer

On a daily basis, my missions are varied. I am in contact with the technical, CSM and marketing teams in order to identify and express the needs of users.


Software Engineer

I joined the adventure 12 years ago in La Rochelle. There weren’t many of us in the technical team. The company has evolved very quickly, but the atmosphere has remained as friendly as it was at the beginning.

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