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For our social impact

At CleverConnect, our business is focused on one major purpose:

Helping millions of people find the right job, by presenting them with more targeted opportunities, and by allowing them to express their personality and motivation.

Whether our employees are developers, sales, product owners, project managers, etc., they are all proud to work for CleverConnect!

It’s rewarding for us to know that our work helps reduce unemployment in France and Europe.




Because CleverConnect is
first and foremost a team project

CleverConnect is above all a human adventure. CleverConnect has always had the will to have employees become shareholders of the company. Today, all the employees who have been with the company for more than 2 years are shareholders. Proactivity, agility and creativity are encouraged and valued at CleverConnect.

For our management team

Our managers are accessible and close to their teams.

The 3 fundamental values of CleverConnect’s leaders are trust, positive spirit and commitment.


Co-founder &


Co-founder &

Head of International


Co-founder &

For our creative energy

Created by engineers, CleverConnect has chosen from the start to invest in technology: it is the key to our success. All our IT developments are done in-house. As a pioneer in job matching, we now use the most innovative artificial intelligence tools.

For our values

It’s always difficult to put words to a company culture, it sometimes sounds a bit hollow…
If we rely on our customers’ feedback, they appreciate our sense of service, and our “nice and humble” mentality, which they don’t find everywhere. We are in an industry that is constantly evolving, so we challenge ourselves every day: we have to show agility, creativity and speed. At the same time, we maintain a friendly atmosphere where all the major achievements of the company are the result of a collective construction.

Join an AWESOME team


It is the ability to adapt in a fast moving organization and to understand the challenges.

Win Spirit

Our positive energy,our motivation, our proactivity, our initiative.


Our involvement and investment in our missions.


Our wish is to build long term sustainable relationships and projects.

One team

Our team spirit, our solidarity, our desire to share and move forward together.


Our ability to measure the impact of our activities and missions.

For the CleverConnect Touch!!!

Our employees have a strong sense of belonging, our team is strong and united!

« Anima Sana … »

We like to take on challenges together… And not only sales or technical challenges!
Whether we like jogging, soccer, rugby or spinning, we always find nice colleagues to accompany us!
But, after working hard …

But, after working hard …

With our two annual seminars, one of which is held in a foreign capital, we often celebrate
not to mention the many Thursday night parties!

If you too want to put your energy into a project
that can change the lives of millions of people take a look at our offers!

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