Discover the Sales team France

Everywhere in France, our Sales Team brings its expertise and helps our thousand customers.
Examples of job positions: Business Developer, Alliance Manager, Agency Consultant …

Many different jobs

There are many opportunities within the sales department. Whatever the position, the advice and support dimension is very important for all these B2B professions.
On a daily basis, sales people go to meet customers and prospects.

Many career paths

The jobs evolve within the sales team: from small accounts to large international clients, including management. Employees also have the option of moving to regional positions if they wish, or move abroad.

Meet the CleverConnect sales team

Testimonials from our employees


Business developer

Before joining CleverConnect, I had traveled around the world for 2 years. This personal choice did not bother the company when other employers saw in me an “atypical profile”.


Public Sector Sales Manager

When I lead projects for my clients and they buy into them, it means that our products are useful and that candidates find jobs. Having this kind of measurable impact is very rewarding.

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